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A new brand

Relish is a multi-disciplinary brand boutique located in Winnipeg’s famous Exchange District. Established in 1998 as a one-person studio, we now employ 18, each with a thirst for big ideas.

Our portfolio spans the complete spectrum of brand touch-points. From identities and printed collateral to advanced websites and app development, we help our clients to first define their brands, then express them with authority.

We have a passion for our work, and we like to think it shows.

See for yourself.


From the stage to the streets: Misrule Rules

Campaign DevelopmentVideo Production

As part of their 2015/16 season, The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre staged a production of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice Through the Looking-Glass. The piece features a wide array of colourful characters, along with an abundance of both visual candy and actual candy.

In the lead-up to the premiere, Relish produced a series of video teasers predicated on the tagline, “Misrule Rules”. Taking their act from the stage to the street, the mischievous adventures of Alice, The Red Queen, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are captured in all their hilarity. The spots speak for themselves – mostly because there’s no speaking parts, just snippets from the phantasmagorical musical soundtrack.


And Now, We Dance

Brand & IdentityCopywriting & EditingGraphic DesignWeb Development

For more than half a century, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers have been a bastion for dance creators, dance interpreters, spectators and the dance community as a whole. From creating, to producing, to teaching, the company is steadfast in furthering the art form for artists and audiences alike.

Fresh off their 50th Anniversary season, Relish was commissioned to create an expressive and timeless identity, as well as complimentary season imagery for the 2015/16 season. An animated, ever-changing logo was conceived, along with season imagery of static objects which break the mould of traditional dance visuals.

rel_port_wcd_1 rel_port_wcd_2 rel_port_wcd_3 rel_port_wcd_4 rel_port_wcd_5 rel_port_wcd_6  rel_port_wcd_7rel_port_wcd_8rel_port_wcd_9  rel_port_wcd_10


Fill In The Blank

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, presented by Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, brings more than 180 shows to audiences for 12 crazy days in July. The Exchange District is transformed into a Wonderland of characters and odd encounters, all part of the festival’s aim to present live theatre in an informal, accessible and inexpensive environment. The fill-in-the-blank theme for the 2015 festival was inspired by the “We’re all mad here” line spoken by the Cheshire Cat to Alice in her upside-down and turned-around journey. Just as the Fringe breaks down traditional boundaries between audience and artist, encouraging open dialogue between theatre-goers and theatre-creators, the posters, program, T-shirts, social media and online ads entice experienced and new Fringers alike with the promise to expect the unexpected.

rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_1 rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_2 rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_3 rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_6rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_4  rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_4brel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_5rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2015_7


In Good Spirit

Environmental SignageStrategic Support

The St. Amant Spirit Cottage by Hans Kraus Family & Qualico is a four-season cottage on the St. Amant grounds that provides families an opportunity for a memorable weekend getaway.

Relish was tasked with creating a sign to adorn the cottage’s scenic riverside driveway, while complimenting the stately architecture of the building. Mimicking the rays in St. Amant’s brand graphics, the sign is constructed with varying length 6’ x 6’ cedar timbers, and a piled concrete base clad with cultured stone. The sign is punctuated by raised dibond lettering an inset disband recognition plaque.

Constructed by Wood Anchor, this sign will serve as a tribute to a very special project for years to come.

rel_port_st_amant_sign_1 rel_port_st_amant_sign_2 rel_port_st_amant_sign_3 rel_port_st_amant_sign_4 rel_port_st_amant_sign_5 rel_port_st_amant_sign_6


More Than Just Fluff

Brand & IdentityGraphic DesignUncategorized

While we are lucky to be able to see our ideas come to life online, on billboards and in print, it’s really something to see a concept move from sketch to moving around… and giving bear hugs wherever he goes.

The Assiniboine Park and Zoo wanted a mascot to help highlight the Zoo’s signature exhibit, Journey to Churchill, a four-hectare habitat for northern wildlife, including polar bears, muskoxen, snowy owls, wolves and artic fox.

The inspiration for Winston came from Inuit art, including Inuit polar bear sculptures, especially as designing a mascot also requires a three-dimensional view. Winston’s scarf also features a traditional Inuit pattern. You can also find Winston in his two-dimensional form in illustrations promoting events including the Zoo’s popular day camps and Zoo Explorer program.

Winston’s name is a comfortable fit with the name of both the Manitoba  town and exhibit. Churchill is named after John Churchill, the 3rd governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Duke of Marlborough. Interestingly, Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, was a direct descendent of John Churchill.

rel_port_mascot_1 rel_port_mascot_2 rel_port_mascot_3 rel_port_mascot_4 rel_port_mascot_5 rel_port_mascot_6 rel_port_mascot_7 rel_port_mascot_8 rel_port_mascot_9 rel_port_mascot_10 rel_port_mascot_11


A Streetcar Named Parkline

Brand & IdentityCopywriting & EditingGraphic Design

Located in the heart of historic Lord Roberts and South Osborne area, StreetSide’s Parkline Townhomes is a new collection of condominiums adjacent to the Fort Rouge Rapid Transit Station.

While the transit station is a relatively new addition to the landscape, the name Parkline was chosen for its connection to the area’s history. On January 28, 1891, the first electric streetcar was tested on the Park line near Osborne and Jubilee. The streetcars began running in regular service in the summer of 1892 and continued to carry passengers along the line until 1955.

The logo calls the past into play, with its retro script elements and soda pop shop colour.

rel_port_parkline_1 rel_port_parkline_2 rel_port_parkline_3 rel_port_parkline_4 rel_port_parkline_5 rel_port_parkline_6 rel_port_parkline_8


Fate + Freedom

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

Relish is proud to play a supporting role in the fate of the theatre – especially one that sees upwards of 116,000 total ticketed attendance for its performances each season. We were asked to help convey the theme of the 57-year-old art oganization’s upcoming season, ultimately settling on two words: Fate + Freedom.

The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s 2015/16 playbill is one that sees fate take its twists and turns through the lives of characters including a lawyer, an outlaw, a journalist, a politician… as well a reflective girl named Alice and a dancing boy named Billy.

Freedom arrives with the transformational aspect of theatre, unleashing performances that demonstrate a spirit of change and growth.

Having created everything from custom typography for the Fate + Freedom title treatment, to the poster and and playbill art for Royal MTC’s six John Hirsch Mainstage plays, and four Tom Hendry Warehouse plays, we are ready for another season on the edge of our seats.

rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_1 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_2 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_3 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_4 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_5 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_6 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_7 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_8 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_9 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_10 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_11 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_12 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_13 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_14 rel_port_rmtc_2015_season_15


Success in Sight

Brand & IdentityCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignWeb Development

VisualSpection makes hands-free inspection technology, using wearable tech such as Google Glass to outfit workers in the energy sector. While VisualSpection works to improve efficiency in fieldwork, they needed Relish’s help for an efficient identity to serve their growing company.

The logo incorporates the V and S of the company name, while its emblematic look also offers a nod to the superhero-type attributes of the men and women working in extreme conditions where VisualSpection’s product is put to use.

The lines contained within the V also echo the appearance of power lines and scaffolding found in the industries served. The vibrant orange used on the website and a tradeshow display emphasize safety, like the colour commonly used for high-visibility safety clothing.

rel_port_visualspection_1 rel_port_visualspection_2 rel_port_visualspection_3 rel_port_visualspection_4 rel_port_visualspection_5 rel_port_visualspection_6 rel_port_visualspection_7 rel_port_visualspection_8 rel_port_visualspection_9


Time For Family Fun

Campaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingGraphic DesignUncategorized

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is a place for families. A recent membership survey revealed that having a family outing was the number one reason to visit the zoo. The zoo is a place to have fun and make memories with your family, as well as to view animals and learn about them.

With the big reveal of the zoo’s newest exhibit, Journey to Churchill, now a year in the past, we came up with a summer campaign that holds true to the enduring family spirit of zoo outings. The campaign extends to Transit, billboards, online ads and print.

Using zoo members as models, and the real stars – the zoo animals – for the photos, we put a spin on typical family activities, from pool time to dinner time and time spent together. Everything’s more fun at the zoo!

apc_2015_spring_campaign_1 apc_2015_spring_campaign_2 apc_2015_spring_campaign_3 apc_2015_spring_campaign_4 apc_2015_spring_campaign_5


Give ‘er on the River

App DevelopmentBrand & IdentityEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

The Red River Mutual Trail holds a Guinness World Record as the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world. Starting at The Forks, the trail is about more than just skating. Activities include curling, hockey, cycling, broomball, and special events including the Warming Huts v.2015: An Art & Architecture Competition on Ice.

The Forks is also home to the Arctic Glacier Winter Park, complete with a toboggan hill, snowboard park, skating rink and snow lounge.

Relish designed a new identity for both the trail and the park. The new woodcut-style illustration and bold type is featured in the logos, maps and way-finding signage along the trail and at The Forks. The Trailblazer app was also updated. With it, users can check conditions and learn of upcoming events and track the distance they’ve skated, walked, skied or snowshoed.

rel_port_forks_trail_park_1 rel_port_forks_trail_park_2 rel_port_forks_trail_park_3 rel_port_forks_trail_park_4 rel_port_forks_trail_park_5 rel_port_forks_trail_park_6 rel_port_forks_trail_park_7 rel_port_forks_trail_park_8 rel_port_forks_trail_park_9 rel_port_forks_trail_park_10 rel_port_forks_trail_park_11 rel_port_forks_trail_park_12 rel_port_forks_trail_park_13 rel_port_forks_trail_park_14


Under The Influence

Campaign DevelopmentVideo ProductionWeb Development

The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba wanted 18- to 24-year-olds to think about how and when they drink, by promoting Canada’s national Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines.

Following these guidelines helps Canadians reduce the long-term health risks of drinking, as well as the more immediate risks.

Relish came up with a campaign to approach the guidelines centred on “It’s not how, it’s how many,” showing young adults imbibing in a silly way.

The campaign encourages young adults to keep track of the number of drinks they consume on a single special occasion and weekly basis, and to understand how much alcohol is in a standard drink. Media employed included billboards, Transit ads, radio and an online quiz and interactive tool to test users’ drink-pouring talents.

rel_port_lga_1 rel_port_lga_2 rel_port_lga_3 rel_port_lga_4 rel_port_lga_5 rel_port_lga_6 rel_port_lga_7 rel_port_lga_8 rel_port_lga_9 rel_port_lga_10 rel_port_lga_11



Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.16.52 PM

From Darkness to Light

Copywriting & EditingGraphic DesignPublication Design

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened its doors to the public for the first time in September, 2014. This architectural wonder on the Winnipeg skyline was years in the making, from the first time Israel Asper dreamed of a museum dedicated to human rights in the summer of 2000 to today.

Relish worked closely with the museum staff and printing company Friesens to produce a book to chronicle the journey from conception to inauguration of the museum in From Darkness to Light: The building of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Featuring stunning photography, this coffee table book was completed under tight timelines in order to be ready in time for the opening ceremonies.

rel_port_cmhr_1 rel_port_cmhr_2 rel_port_cmhr_3 rel_port_cmhr_4 rel_port_cmhr_5 rel_port_cmhr_6 rel_port_cmhr_7 rel_port_cmhr_8 rel_port_cmhr_9 rel_port_cmhr_10 rel_port_cmhr_11 rel_port_cmhr_12 rel_port_cmhr_13 rel_port_cmhr_14

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.44.46 AM

I Saw The Sign

Environmental SignageGraphic Design

Birds do it. Bees do it. They find their way without signs, or maps, or apps. Visitors to the Assiniboine Park & Zoo need a little more help.

When Relish first started working with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC), the signage around the park and zoo had suffered from years of neglect and inconsistent application. Working with the APC, we first conducted a visual audit of the more than 1,000 signs in the park and zoo. From there, comprehensive standards were developed with regards to size, iconography, colour, typography and readability.

Replacement of the old signage is ongoing, but with the new standards already implemented in many areas of the park and zoo, visitors are already enjoying a much more streamlined and simplified experience.

apc_wayfinding_signage_1a apc_wayfinding_signage_1b apc_wayfinding_signage_2a apc_wayfinding_signage_2b apc_wayfinding_signage_2c apc_wayfinding_signage_2d apc_wayfinding_signage_2e apc_wayfinding_signage_2f apc_wayfinding_signage_2g apc_wayfinding_signage_2h apc_wayfinding_signage_2i apc_wayfinding_signage_2j apc_wayfinding_signage_2k apc_wayfinding_signage_2l apc_wayfinding_signage_3a apc_wayfinding_signage_3b apc_wayfinding_signage_3c apc_wayfinding_signage_3d apc_wayfinding_signage_4a apc_wayfinding_signage_4b apc_wayfinding_signage_4c apc_wayfinding_signage_4d apc_wayfinding_signage_5a apc_wayfinding_signage_5b

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.09.37 PM

Vivid Branding by Definition

Brand & IdentityGraphic DesignVideo ProductionWeb Development

It’s all there in the definition.

Vivid Reports provides performance management, financial reporting and business intelligence software that transforms and reveals the information organizations capture. The programmers behind Vivid figured out a new way to use Excel – not based on formulas – that gives an accurate picture of finances in a secure and timely fashion.

As part of a re-brand, Relish designed a logo that visually echoes the way Vivid Reports goes beyond the typical formula-based solutions based in Excel cells. This breakout feature carried over into developing logos for the company product products. The new brand look was integrated across the website, video and brochure content.

rel_port_vivid_reports_1 rel_port_vivid_reports_2  rel_port_vivid_reports_3rel_port_vivid_reports_4 rel_port_vivid_reports_5


Tailored for the Chase

Brand & IdentityGraphic DesignPublication DesignWeb Development

The name may be difficult to pronounce, but there’s no mistaking the statement their products make. For skaters and surfers who know how to get out and get after it, nothing tops the form and function of Ekumenik Apparel.

With their company growing steadily, Ekumenik tasked Relish with crafting a new brand personality to help propel them forward. After a review of current assets, and an extensive competitor analysis, new positioning, identity, brand standards and responsive website were developed. Simply put, it would have been impossible to not make them look good.

rel_port_ekumenik_1 rel_port_ekumenik_2 rel_port_ekumenik_3 rel_port_ekumenik_4 rel_port_ekumenik_5 rel_port_ekumenik_6

Ekumenik Ekumenik Ekumenik



The M stands for Met

Brand & IdentityEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

Osere­dok Ukrain­ian Cul­tural and Edu­ca­tional Cen­tre hosted a benefit concert dinner gala, a per­for­mance featuring soprano Andri­ana Chuch­man and her men­tor Tracy Dahl, “From the Met to the Met.” In collaboration with Traffic Advertising, the website, online ads and event program incorporated the letter M element as a distinguishing feature for this event at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre in Winnipeg.

Both Chuchman and Dahl, Canada’s premier coloratura soprano, have performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, providing the “Met to the Met” moniker inspiration for the evening.

rel_port_traffic_met_1 rel_port_traffic_met_2 rel_port_traffic_met_3 rel_port_traffic_met_4 rel_port_traffic_met_5 rel_port_traffic_met_6


Just Watch Us

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignWeb Development

The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival features a fascinating fusion of performers and audiences – from around the world to around the corner. A quirky take for the creative included a view from disarticulated eyeballs, focused in on oddball illustrations with both elements accompanied by the tagline, “We Like It When You Watch.”

 The campaign concept was put to use in print collateral, outdoor and online ads.

In its 27th year, the 12-day festival smashed attendance records in venues across downtown Winnipeg and the historic Exchange District, with Old Market Square attracting approximately 95,000 people to the area and outdoor stage.

rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_1  rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_2rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_5rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_3rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_4rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_6rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_7    rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_8 rel_port_rmtc_fringe_2014_9


Between Two Worlds

Publication Design

Stuck in the Middle finds photographer Bryan Scott and journalist Bartley Kives exploring the geography, design and reputation of the only city they have ever truly known, loved and hated. With vicious honesty and intense affection, Scott and Kives expose Winnipeg’s beautiful and conflicted soul for the rest of the world to admire and detest and ultimately ignore.

Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle


Woven in Time

Campaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignWeb Development

The Festival du Voyageur has been celebrating Manitoba’s Joie de Vivre since 1969. In 2014, to commemorate their 45th anniversary, they launched the campaign 45 Years Woven in Time to promote the event.

The tagline is designed to speak to the stories shared and memories made over decades of Festival’s while photographs from previous celebrations were used as a visual backdrop.

In addition to the general marketing campaign, the public was also asked to share their own Festival memories using the hashtag #heho45 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Mother of an Exhibit

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignStrategic SupportVideo Production

In the fall of 2013, the Manitoba Museum acquired a travelling Egyptian exhibit from the Westminster College Cultural Artifacts Collection. The 5,000 sq. ft. temporary show featured over 60 ancient antiquities, forensic facial reconstructions and a 2,300-year-old mummy named Pesed. The Museum needed to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign to promote the fact that, for the first time in 45 years, a real mummy was on display in Winnipeg.

Branded as, “Wrapped: The Mummy of Pesed,” the integrated campaign featured a mix of outdoor ads, print and online executions, direct mail, posters and digital display ads. Messaging promoted both the historical significance of the Egyptian antiquities and society combined with the educational nature of the mummification process and meaning behind hieroglyphs.
Manitoba Museum

Manitoba Museum

Manitoba Museum

Manitoba Museum WrappedManitoba Museum Wrapped

Manitoba Museum


A Well-Oiled Identity

Brand & IdentityEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

Pennzoil Premium Wash and Quick Lube may look like it was founded in the 50s, but don’t let the retro look fool you. The building is newly constructed, energy efficient and has one of the fastest drive-through car washes in southwest Manitoba.

To complement the building, which opened in 2012, the independently owned Pennzoil location needed an entire identity that fused the feel of 1950s customer service with the latest in automotive care. The brand created was expanded across all business touch points, including a new logo, ads and environmental signage.












Calgary Stampede

A Wild Ride

Brand & IdentityCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignStrategic Support

The Calgary Stampede, dubbed The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, is one of the world’s largest rodeos and attracts over one million visitors to the yearly 10-day event. Following the Stampede’s centennial anniversary in 2012, Stone-Olafson, a Calgary-based research firm completed a comprehensive report on Stampede products and retail opportunities. These recommendations were translated into visual merchandising standards and executions, a brand strategy and physical products and ads for Stampede licensed merchandise.

Calgary Stampede Calgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary StampedeCalgary Stampede

Prairie Theatre Exchange

Capital Ideas

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentEnvironmental SignageGraphic Design

In 2010, Prairie Theatre Exchange launched The Big Production, a capital campaign designed to raise $2.5 million for facility renovations to their Portage Place location. Two years later, the theatre reached its goal and unveiled upgrades to their lobby, lounge, classrooms and rehearsal halls, complete with a full suite of environmental signage. To applaud the organizations and individuals who contributed to the campaign, the theatre created a donor wall in the lobby and to honour the donors who made the initial move to Portage Place possible, PTE published a donor appreciation book.

Click here to support Prairie Theatre Exchange’s ongoing financial efforts.

Prairie Theatre ExchangePrairie Theatre ExchangePrairie Theatre ExchangePrairie Theatre ExchangePrairie Theatre ExchangePrairie Theatre Exchange

Prairie Theatre Exchange      Prairie Theatre Exchange Prairie Theatre Exchange Prairie Theatre Exchange

Winnipeg Bin Cleaning

Full Steam Ahead

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingEnvironmental SignageGraphic DesignStrategic SupportWeb Development

Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin Cleaning Winnipeg Bin CleaningLaunched in 2013, Winnipeg Bin Cleaning offers homeowners an environmentally friendly option for cleaning their recycling and waste containers.

Prairie Theatre Exchange

Perfect Pairings

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentGraphic Design

Prairie Theatre Exchange is a live theatre company and professional theatre school based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With over 40 seasons behind them, the theatre continues to its mandate to produce and to stage content created by local artists for a local audience.

To help support its operating expenses, Prairie Theatre Exchange launched the inaugural PTE Pairings fundraiser in 2012. For one night only, sampling stations are set up throughout the facility, including its teaching studios, rehearsal room and carpentry shop. Each location pairs food from a local restaurant, bakery or producer with a complementing vintage from Kenaston Wine Market.

This year’s event, held on March 22, 2013, featured eats from five restaurants, two bakeries and eight producers including Deseo Bistro, High Tea Bakery and Nature’s Farm.

PTE ParingsPTE ParingsPTE Parings PTE Parings PTE Parings

Assiniboine Park Main

Keeping in Touch

App DevelopmentGraphic DesignWeb Development

Established in 1904, Assiniboine Park is a 300-acre green space located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, complete with a sculpture garden, outdoor theater, pavilion, conservatory and zoo. In 2012, the Assiniboine Park Zoo launched one of its largest initiatives: Journey to Churchill. A signature exhibit aimed at issues related to climate change, the protection of northern species and home to the Zoo’s newest attraction – Hudson the Polar Bear.

To promote all of the Park and Zoo attractions, a new App was published with maps, events, news feeds and a donation portal. In addition, to give users a sneak peak of the Journey to Churchill exhibit before it opens, an augmented reality 3D tour was created with target images spread through the Park, on location at the Zoo or available for download online.

To download the new App for iOS or Android, visit

Webby AwardAssiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App Assiniboine Park App


From Dock to Docking Station

App DevelopmentGraphic DesignPublication Design

In the summer of 2009, Canadian journalist, adventurer and filmmaker Cameron Dueck sailed the infamous Northwest Passage. Following the voyage, Great Plains Publications published his story, which was later developed into an award-winning documentary film. Now the expedition is being retold as an iOS app for iPad and iPad mini.

The app melds both print and digital content, producing an interactive experience that enhances the story narrative and allows the viewer to learn more about northern communities and climate change in a more meaningful way. The viewer can access detailed profiles on people, places and issues and even calculate their own carbon footprint with the tap of a screen.

The custom multi-touch interface allows the user to seamlessly experience the content, quickly browse through chapters and delve deeper into the voyage with videos, photos and interactive models. The app also displays current weather conditions as the reader navigates through the story and integrates with social media.


Download the App at


rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_8 rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_7 rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_6 rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_5 rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_4 rel_port_NWP_ipad_app_3


Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship

Thinking Inside the Box

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentCopywriting & EditingGame DevelopmentGraphic DesignWeb Development

Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) is an industry-funded, non-profit organization that operates a province-wide recycling program for paper and packaging.

In 2010, MMSM decided to address Winnipeg’s historically low recycling rates by launching a campaign to improve citywide recycling adoption. The creative used clear, memorable messaging to reflect the positive benefits of recycling, with the slogan “Clean Up Your Act” directing parties to learn more about the initiative at

Built around a consumer-friendly, responsive design, the website contains information on the recycling lifecycle, city collection areas, facts and recent news. The online destination also acts as a portal for parents and educators to get youth on board with the campaign. A major component are four, custom-built interactive games to teach kids the benefits of recycling.

The campaign is being communicated through outdoor, transit and print executions, with periodic updates to the creative based on seasonal initiatives. For the 2011 holidays, the creative focused on the use of reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Most recently, 2013 transit extensions brought to light the fact that the campaign was being recycled for another year.

Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Transit Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Billboard Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Games Centre 3 Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Games Centre 2 Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Game Centre Manitoba Multi-Material Stewardship - Homepage


A Place in History

Campaign DevelopmentGraphic DesignWeb Development

Founded in 1969, the Festival du Voyageur is Western Canada’s largest winter festival and a celebration of French-Canadian culture. This year, Festival celebrated its past by asking the public to Find Their Place in History. Incorporating a playing card theme, the creative highlights the cultural events and attractions that have become just as popular as the people who participate in them. The following event personas we created and used in various media executions. In addition, people were invited to submit their own profiles, where the general public voted on who would be inducted into the Voyageur Hall of Fame.




A Chip and a Charity

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentGraphic DesignWeb Development provides the answer to the question, “How can I participate and make a difference in my community?” With the proceeds going directly to the community, charity or non-profit, participants will be able to play knowing that the money raised will go back into shaping the community around them. Players will participate knowing what charitable organization will receive the money and to what percentage they are entitled.


Discover, explore and celebrate

Brand & IdentityGraphic Design

Woof + Minou is an entertaining stop-motion series for pre-schoolers that is co-produced by Merit Motion Pictures and Les Productions Rivard. With a roster of contributing talent that includes Gemini-nominated animator Brian Duchscherer – this new series is sure to delight. The characters lives are all about play, and the series is about communication and cooperation. Through the antics of these two critters, kids can explore the delights and difficulties of being in a family with someone who is so different from you.



The Impact of a Journey of Discovery

Graphic DesignPublication DesignVideo Production

7 Generations is an epic, four-part graphic novel series that spans three centuries and seven generations. The central character in the series is Edwin. Edwin, an Aboriginal teenager, must learn of his family’s past if he is to have any future. The impact of his journey of discovery, and the revelation that follows, will change his life. This video was developed as a promotional tool for this amazing project developed by David Alexander Robertson and illustrated by Scott B. Henderson. It features the voice of Wab Kinew.


Imagine a Place

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentGraphic DesignWeb Development

The Imagine a Place Capital Campaign, launched publicly in June 2012 at a Party for the Park. The goal is to raise $200 million (including $60 million from the private sector with the balance coming from government) for the redevelopment of the Park. It will revitalize Assiniboine Park & Zoo and create an environment where people can relax, play, connect with nature, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.





Breathing New Life Into An Old Friend

Brand & IdentityCampaign DevelopmentGraphic Design

In June 2009, the Assiniboine Park Conservancy unveiled a comprehensive $200 million redevelopment plan for Assiniboine Park & Zoo – to be completed over 10 years in three distinct phases. And they have been busy ever since – shaping a world-class Park & Zoo experience. In late 2011 – a brand audit determined that there was a need to create a cohesive brand and strategy that met both the current and future needs of the Conservancy. Together with the outstanding communication and marketing team at the Conservancy we did just that.


The Business of Sleep Scoring

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For sleep medicine physicians and clinic owners, the Michele Sleep Scoring System, developed by Younes Sleep Technologies, automatically scores sleep studies. Using clinically tested software, this reliable, automated tool dramatically reduces test scoring time while also ensuring scoring integrity, allowing for overall improved diagnoses and treatment of sleep disorders as well as increased sleep lab productivity.

Michele Sleep study – Web from Relish New Brand Experience on Vimeo.



W.P. Kinsella Bats 1000

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Butterfly Winter, Kinsella’s first novel in 13 years, is the story of Julio and Esteban Pimental, twins whose divine destiny for baseball begins with games of catch in the womb. They mature quickly and by the age of ten they leave their home in the fictional Caribbean country of Courteguay for the American major leagues. Julio is a winning pitcher who will only throw to his catcher brother, much to the chagrin of the team that employs him, which must keep mediocre Esteban on the roster. Events in the brothers’ homeland, including regular coups and the outlawing of baseball, continue to shape their lives. They are monitored by the wizard, a mysterious figure who travels by hot air balloon and controls events behind the scenes. In his last years he tells the story of the twins and their family to a skeptical ‘gringo’ journalist. Butterfly Winter is entertaining, funny and magical, and includes a diabolical chiropractor, a great love blessed by butterflies and a deep political undercurrent that unites the wealthy north with the baseball-loving and oppressed south.


Moving Our Journey Forward

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The Manitoba Museum (TMM) stands poised at a new beginning as it examines the changes occurring within its walls, the community it serves, the museum field of which it is a part and the rest of the world.

Highlights of TMM’s Capital Renewal Plan include a  family centre that will provide families with a world-class early childhood education experience and a state-of-the-art collections facility, which will ensure that the treasures and contributions of past generations will be properly preserved for future generations. Also planned is the renewal of it’s expansive galleries and science centre.




Embrace Your Inner Voyageur

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Nothing we love more than Festival! More than 200 shows in 10 days – the diverse programming offers numerous activities that will please the whole family; concerts, sleigh rides, snow shoeing, historic Fort Gibraltar, great food and magnificent snow sculptures. There is truly something for everyone.

Relish created a fun, interactive tool for the Festival du Voyageur website that allowed visitors to choose a character and watch him or her morph from uptight paper pusher to seasoned voyageur with a zest for life.

In February, embrace your inner voyageur and experience the joie de vivre by visiting Voyageur Park and the Trading Posts around the province.


Generating Capacity

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Thousands in our province depend on the Manitoba Lung Association for support, education, research and prevention programming. As a respected anchoring organization, for lung health programs and services in our community, many look to the Lung Association first when faced with a breathing problem.

Together we launched a capital campaign to educate and inform of the many ways the Manitoba Lung Association contributes to the community and challenge funders to support the Association’s ambitions in capacity building.

Because when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters…


Powering The Province

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In May 1951, the first members of the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board were  appointed. Their mandate was “to provide for the continuance of a supply of power adequate for the needs of the province, and to promote economy and efficiency in the generation, distribution, and supply of power.” Many things have changed in the ensuing six decades, but Manitoba Hydro continues to carry out that mandate for the people of Manitoba.

This book chronicles the history of Manitoba Hydro and pays tribute to the foresight and hard work of generations of Manitobans.


Drawing on What He Knows Best

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For quality-driven Manitobans seeking a custom-built home or renovation, Rick Weibe creates innovative, modern and traditional design that reflects the lifestyle and unique vision of his clients. Through a methodical and down-to-earth approach, Rick helps those embarking on the design process uncover the features they need to maximize the functional and aesthetic aspects of their living environment. There’s nothing “affected” or “put-on” about Rick which is why we love him. He’s got a designer’s eye but understands that colour swatches and drawer pulls are not the focus of the average person’s everyday life. He makes design elements understandable and helps put them in context.


Nothing Ordinary About This Rag

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Montreal-based Kaie Kellough is known for his percussive, spoken word poetry. His performances often mix poetry with soundscapes and music. He manages to capture that same sense of rhythm in his printed works.

In his second book of poetry entitled, Maple Leaf Rag, Kellough touches on the themes of Canadian history intertwined with current events that are often not told in the mainstream media. It’s a jazz-infused riff on Canadian culture that explores themes such as belonging, dislocation and relocation, and national identity from a black Canadian perspective. The poems contain numerous references to black Canadian Caribbean and African American culture: from hairstyles to slave cemeteries, athletics to immigration,  musicians to rainbow coalitions.

The challenge in the design of the book was to take a silent medium and give it a sense of movement, sound and rhythm. The aim was for the book design to reflect both written word and musical score. It achieves this with a unique arrangement of text and form as well as through the use of mixed media.


Science Under the Big Top

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No need to run away from home to join this circus. With over 20 interactive stations, “Circus: Science Under the Big Top” is a hands-on journey of the science of the big top. From the biology of a real high-wire walk to the physics of the human cannonball and a contortionist box, visitors to this exhibit experienced the science behind the most amazing circus acts. This interactive exhibit was presented for a limited time by the Manitoba Museum.


It’s All Good In Altona

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It’s easy to see why many consider Altona the best place to live in Manitoba. Surrounded by lush farmland and the sweet smell of country air, this beautiful oasis on the prairies offers a quality of life that is altogether hard to beat.

The new Altona wordmark projects the town as modern and forward thinking, while giving a nod to Altona’s rich history of cultural expression. The customized typeface is loosely based on the distinct handwriting style of Vincent van Gogh, who’s work is prominently featured on the town’s world-record-sized easel. It is designed using contrasting thick and thin strokes to mimic the look created by a painter’s brush, a further hint at Altona’s love for the arts. The capital ‘A’ has been stylized to look like a star, which is a subtle tie-in to Altona’s geological position in the sunny Pembina Valley.



William Kurelek: The Messenger

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This online exhibition was designed in conjunction with the first, and largest, retrospective of the art of William Kurelek (1927–1977) in over 25 years and gives visitors access to more than 80 pieces of art.

The exhibition opened at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in fall 2011, the Art Gallery of Hamilton in winter 2012, and will be open at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in summer 2012. The exhibition was developed by these three partnering institutions.


Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters on the Plains

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Theatre Projects Manitoba has been playing on the plains since 1990. Committed to the cultivation of Manitoba plays and artists – in the past 21 years, TPM has staged more than 50 new Manitoba works. They have developed the voices of our region, choosing stories that have a connection to our community, our history and culture, and grow these new creations with passionate support. In 2011, TPM kicked off the season with a NEW adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

110 years after its Moscow premiere, Bruce McManus weaves a prairie story from the threads of the original and remains faithful to the tragic comedy of Chekhov’s characters in an environment often hostile to dreams. He gives us a play about the Canadian prairie experience at a time when the nation and our place in the world were on the brink of great change.

Three Sisters features Ardith Boxall, Andrew Cecon, Carolyn Gray, Patricia Hunter, Krista Jackson, Tom Keenan, Omar Khan, Erin McGrath, Rob McLaughlin, Harry Nelken, and Gordon Tannereg.


The Best Ads Make You Drool

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Gelato shops on Winnipeg’s Corydon Avenue aren’t exactly a novelty—summer’s socialites come in droves to sample tasty treats from the numerous restaurants and specialty shops that make Corydon Winnipeg’s sweet spot. When Eva’s Gelato & Coffee Shop opened their shop near this crowded boutique area, they turned to Relish to help set them apart.

The approach was to create quirky ads that drew inspiration from the gelato’s homemade goodness and natural ingredients—Eva’s ads serve to tantalize taste buds and stimulate one’s sweet tooth.

In fall 2011, Eva’s introduced Morden’s chocolates to its store and looked to Relish for a creative way to announce this super sweet union. It was a chocolate invasion. Hundreds of hand-decaled chocolates were placed throughout the store, like marching ants, coming out of nooks and crannies. It was hard to miss!


High Yield Potential

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Alliance Seed Corporation recently launched a promotion targeted at Western Canadian farmers. CDC Verona, a durum variety, is the Alliiance’s latest offering. Durum wheat is used almost exclusively for making pasta…its seemed only fitting to invite farmers to eat what they sow.

“CDC Verona is the first wheat variety I developed as a durum breeder at the CDC and I’m proud of the result. High yield, strong straw, excellent threshability, combined with good disease resistance and excellent end-use quality: indeed a strong package for Canadian durum growers. The journey from a small research plot in Saskatoon to seeing CDC Verona in commercial fields across the prairies has been one of my most rewarding experiences.” –Crop Development Center, University of Saskatchewan


Mutually Beneficial Re-Brand

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Red River Mutual has a history dating back to the 1800s and today is one of Canada’s largest policyholder-owned casualty insurance companies. With longevity like that, updating this organization’s brand required a thoughtful approach. Re-branding involves more than a logo change and a shiny new tagline. It encompasses a company’s culture, approach and what shareholders and the community have come to expect from the organization.

In close collaboration with senior management, Relish embarked on a complete re-branding that saw “Red River Valley Mutual Insurance” re-born as Red River Mutual. Vital to any re-branding project, an early step involved an internal campaign that involved staff teams and brokers in shaping the organization’s future direction.

The process continued with development of a brand position statement that fit with today’s Red River Mutual, its shareholders and community. This guided the development of every item associated with the brand—including logo, tagline, stationary, website design and even building signage.


The Big Production

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In 2011, Prairie Theatre Exchange launched its Big Production Capital Campaign – with the largest contribution by the Federal Government in the theatre’s history. The capital improvements envisioned are extensive and are to be rolled out in two phases.

With this impressive support from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, the first phase of the improvements began in spring 2011. Theatre patrons, PTE Theatre School students and the vast array of rental clients will benefit from these improvements.


Dreams are like Cucumber Blossoms

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Martha Becker is a daydreaming pickle-grower with an artistic bent. While Martha’s life coaching father lures her into his business schemes in their church-turned-home, Mom takes an aspirin and does the books. Boyfriend John has plans up his sexy sleeve too, and Martha’s destiny seems set. But when a zealous sign painter lands in Martha’s agriculturally-inclined world, the sixteen-year-old finds a dream, a mentor, and a whole lot of trouble. Once spiky-haired Velvet accepts Martha as an apprentice, she sees a future well outside the cucumber patch—one that includes painting signs that will win her a place in art college. But do Martha’s in-your-face roadside messages go too far?

THE AUTHOR: Sarah Raymond is a country/city mouse with her head in Toronto and her tail in Perth County, Ontario where she grew up, harvested cucumbers for Bick’s pickles, drew pictures and wrote stories. Sarah lives in Toronto with her husband and two children and teaches English and art.


The Winnipeg Review

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Relish was honoured to create the home of The Winnipeg Review, a new online literary magazine. The site reviews literary books, mostly Canadian fiction, and showcases  interviews, excerpts of fiction and non-fiction, poems, articles, and columns by writers with something to say. With a new issue each quarter along with weekly updates, the website needed to have great form and function to keep readers engaged and coming back.


Progressive Values

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When people trust you with their home, they trust you with a huge part of their lives. Ethos Realty treats their clients with unparalleled respect, going above and beyond to make sure everyone who works with their agency is as happy with the experience as they are with the results.

Reviving the oldest of values and combining them with the newest of trends and information, Ethos creates the very best relationship with their clients. Ethical, professional and tireless representation – that’s what you can expect.


Build on Something Good

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Angstrom Projects Ltd. is a design-build company offering services in design and project management. With a commitment to sustainability, Angstrom believes that good design and construction should focus not only on the performance of the building (e.g., energy use, comfort) but also on the placement and function of that building in its environment, be it urban or rural. Operating in both the residential and commercial sectors, Angstrom’s staff are experienced in designing and building a range of structures, including houses, apartment buildings, warehouses, and office or retail spaces.


Two Ways of Knowing is Ground-Breaking

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To celebrate the 2010 International Polar Year, the WSO presented a concert featuring new works by it’s Composer-In-Residence Vincent Ho and Canadian distinguished guest composer Derek Charke inspired by their Arctic journeys. This evening brought together many of the top climate change scientists from all over the world and will include a special presentation by Dr. David Barber, launching his book “Two Ways of Knowing.”

This incredible compilation was a monumental achievement by David and Doug Barber and will provided inspiration and financial support for the further study of climate change, with all proceeds going to the creation of bursaries at the University of Manitoba in support of exploration in the field of Arctic System Science.


Where are your children?

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Parents are constantly struggling to help their children work through the decisions that will shape their future. But one area that has typically been overlooked from the parents’ point of view is career guidance—a gap that has been filled by the Alliance of Manitoba Council Sectors and its Opening Doors Parents Expo.

Combatting mediocre attendance at past Expos, Relish created an ad campaign that reached parents through familiarity and humour to draw them to Opening Doors, where they could discover the tools they need to illuminate their dubious offspring. With social media playing an immeasurable role in the everyday lives of today’s youth, the campaign transformed some of the arena’s most notable icons to express some of the most common parental anxieties and position Opening Doors as a light-hearted solution.

The result was an astounding 700+ participants in the annual Parents Expo and, more importantly, hundreds of parents who became better equipped to help their children achieve their brightest of futures.


A Blue Sky Approach

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Managing and maintaining the integrity of a brand can be an incredibly daunting task for even the smallest organizations. Manitoba Blue Cross is the antithesis of small so it wasn’t surprising to learn that their well-recognized brand and corresponding messaging, The Colour of Caring, was in need of a shot in the arm after years in the marketplace. But rather than simply tightening the reigns and attempting to travel back in time to the brand’s launch, Relish suggested this would be a perfect opportunity to inject some new life.

A brand isn’t simply a logo and tagline—a brand is the essence of an organization, reflected by its emotional connection with the marketplace and within the organization itself. With that in mind, Manitoba Blue Cross not only wanted to bring visual consistency back into focus, but also wanted to ensure that their brand continued to reflect the personal touch they pride themselves on and their ability to stay current with the needs of their customers. Relish met these directives by standardizing their logo and tagline treatment across all platforms and literally bringing The Colour of Caring to life through iconic yet vibrant illustrations.


Above and Beyond for a Worthy Cause

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Countless organizations are moving to the web as their primary marketing tool. Beyond Borders, a not-for-profit working to eradicate child sexual exploitation, needed a site with undeniable impact that immediately demonstrated to each and every visitor the horror of sexual crimes against children.

To do so, they partnered with Relish to develop a website for the organization that stopped people in their tracks through startling imagery of bar-coded children, who are too often treated as commodities across the globe. The site serves as a complete hub for all of Beyond Borders’ critical information in the fight against child sexual  exploitation and provides those interested with several  ways to keep our children safe.

By taking every opportunity to promote the site as the go-to destination for Beyond Borders information, including news, celebrity testimonials and video content, site traffic continues to increase, as does the number of people who are willing to sign on as advocates for the organization and the children they protect. It’s an incredible example of what can happen when great ideas are partnered with great people fighting for the greatest of causes.


The Story of The Fort That Never Was

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Spanning 50 years, the story of Fort Whyte was unwittingly penned by a countless cast of dedicated characters, whose colourful and pivotal roles have been superbly captured in this book by award-winning author, Jake MacDonald. Human. Nature. is a beautifully portrayed keepsake for all who have been inspired by FortWhyte’s dynamic evolution, and who hold their own indelible memories of its natural serenity and engaging programs.