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Beyond Borders Website & Campaign

Countless organizations are moving to the web as their primary marketing tool. Beyond Borders, a not-for-profit working to eradicate child sexual exploitation, needed a site with undeniable impact that immediately demonstrated to each and every visitor the horror of sexual crimes against children.

To do so, they partnered with Relish to develop a website for the organization that stopped people in their tracks through startling imagery of bar-coded children, who are too often treated as commodities across the globe. The site serves as a complete hub for all of Beyond Borders’ critical information in the fight against child sexual  exploitation and provides those interested with several  ways to keep our children safe.

By taking every opportunity to promote the site as the go-to destination for Beyond Borders information, including news, celebrity testimonials and video content, site traffic continues to increase, as does the number of people who are willing to sign on as advocates for the organization and the children they protect. It’s an incredible example of what can happen when great ideas are partnered with great people fighting for the greatest of causes.

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