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Town of Altona Brand Experience

It’s easy to see why many consider Altona the best place to live in Manitoba. Surrounded by lush farmland and the sweet smell of country air, this beautiful oasis on the prairies offers a quality of life that is altogether hard to beat.

The new Altona wordmark projects the town as modern and forward thinking, while giving a nod to Altona’s rich history of cultural expression. The customized typeface is loosely based on the distinct handwriting style of Vincent van Gogh, who’s work is prominently featured on the town’s world-record-sized easel. It is designed using contrasting thick and thin strokes to mimic the look created by a painter’s brush, a further hint at Altona’s love for the arts. The capital ‘A’ has been stylized to look like a star, which is a subtle tie-in to Altona’s geological position in the sunny Pembina Valley.


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