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Ekumenik Clothing Brand Experience

The name may be difficult to pronounce, but there’s no mistaking the statement their products make. For skaters and surfers who know how to get out and get after it, nothing tops the form and function of Ekumenik Apparel.

With their company growing steadily, Ekumenik tasked Relish with crafting a new brand personality to help propel them forward. After a review of current assets, and an extensive competitor analysis, new positioning, identity, brand standards and responsive website were developed. Simply put, it would have been impossible to not make them look good.

rel_port_ekumenik_1 rel_port_ekumenik_2 rel_port_ekumenik_3 rel_port_ekumenik_4 rel_port_ekumenik_5 rel_port_ekumenik_6

Ekumenik Ekumenik Ekumenik


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