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Eva’s Gelato Brand Experience

Gelato shops on Winnipeg’s Corydon Avenue aren’t exactly a novelty—summer’s socialites come in droves to sample tasty treats from the numerous restaurants and specialty shops that make Corydon Winnipeg’s sweet spot. When Eva’s Gelato & Coffee Shop opened their shop near this crowded boutique area, they turned to Relish to help set them apart.

The approach was to create quirky ads that drew inspiration from the gelato’s homemade goodness and natural ingredients—Eva’s ads serve to tantalize taste buds and stimulate one’s sweet tooth.

In fall 2011, Eva’s introduced Morden’s chocolates to its store and looked to Relish for a creative way to announce this super sweet union. It was a chocolate invasion. Hundreds of hand-decaled chocolates were placed throughout the store, like marching ants, coming out of nooks and crannies. It was hard to miss!

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