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Signs of Martha Book

Martha Becker is a daydreaming pickle-grower with an artistic bent. While Martha’s life coaching father lures her into his business schemes in their church-turned-home, Mom takes an aspirin and does the books. Boyfriend John has plans up his sexy sleeve too, and Martha’s destiny seems set. But when a zealous sign painter lands in Martha’s agriculturally-inclined world, the sixteen-year-old finds a dream, a mentor, and a whole lot of trouble. Once spiky-haired Velvet accepts Martha as an apprentice, she sees a future well outside the cucumber patch—one that includes painting signs that will win her a place in art college. But do Martha’s in-your-face roadside messages go too far?

THE AUTHOR: Sarah Raymond is a country/city mouse with her head in Toronto and her tail in Perth County, Ontario where she grew up, harvested cucumbers for Bick’s pickles, drew pictures and wrote stories. Sarah lives in Toronto with her husband and two children and teaches English and art.

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