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Assiniboine Park Conservancy Signage System

Birds do it. Bees do it. They find their way without signs, or maps, or apps. Visitors to the Assiniboine Park & Zoo need a little more help.

When Relish first started working with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC), the signage around the park and zoo had suffered from years of neglect and inconsistent application. Working with the APC, we first conducted a visual audit of the more than 1,000 signs in the park and zoo. From there, comprehensive standards were developed with regards to size, iconography, colour, typography and readability.

Replacement of the old signage is ongoing, but with the new standards already implemented in many areas of the park and zoo, visitors are already enjoying a much more streamlined and simplified experience.

apc_wayfinding_signage_1a apc_wayfinding_signage_1b apc_wayfinding_signage_2a apc_wayfinding_signage_2b apc_wayfinding_signage_2c apc_wayfinding_signage_2d apc_wayfinding_signage_2e apc_wayfinding_signage_2f apc_wayfinding_signage_2g apc_wayfinding_signage_2h apc_wayfinding_signage_2i apc_wayfinding_signage_2j apc_wayfinding_signage_2k apc_wayfinding_signage_2l apc_wayfinding_signage_3a apc_wayfinding_signage_3b apc_wayfinding_signage_3c apc_wayfinding_signage_3d apc_wayfinding_signage_4a apc_wayfinding_signage_4b apc_wayfinding_signage_4c apc_wayfinding_signage_4d apc_wayfinding_signage_5a apc_wayfinding_signage_5b

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