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Blue Cross Website & Collateral

Managing and maintaining the integrity of a brand can be an incredibly daunting task for even the smallest organizations. Manitoba Blue Cross is the antithesis of small so it wasn’t surprising to learn that their well-recognized brand and corresponding messaging, The Colour of Caring, was in need of a shot in the arm after years in the marketplace. But rather than simply tightening the reigns and attempting to travel back in time to the brand’s launch, Relish suggested this would be a perfect opportunity to inject some new life.

A brand isn’t simply a logo and tagline—a brand is the essence of an organization, reflected by its emotional connection with the marketplace and within the organization itself. With that in mind, Manitoba Blue Cross not only wanted to bring visual consistency back into focus, but also wanted to ensure that their brand continued to reflect the personal touch they pride themselves on and their ability to stay current with the needs of their customers. Relish met these directives by standardizing their logo and tagline treatment across all platforms and literally bringing The Colour of Caring to life through iconic yet vibrant illustrations.

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