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Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) is an industry-funded, non-profit organization that operates a province-wide recycling program for paper and packaging.

In 2010, MMSM decided to address Winnipeg’s historically low recycling rates by launching a campaign to improve citywide recycling adoption. The creative used clear, memorable messaging to reflect the positive benefits of recycling, with the slogan “Clean Up Your Act” directing parties to learn more about the initiative at

Built around a consumer-friendly, responsive design, the website contains information on the recycling lifecycle, city collection areas, facts and recent news. The online destination also acts as a portal for parents and educators to get youth on board with the campaign. A major component are four, custom-built interactive games to teach kids the benefits of recycling.

The campaign is being communicated through outdoor, transit and print executions, with periodic updates to the creative based on seasonal initiatives. For the 2011 holidays, the creative focused on the use of reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Most recently, 2013 transit extensions brought to light the fact that the campaign was being recycled for another year.

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