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North Forge Technology Exchange Brand Experience

North Forge Technology Exchange is the result of a collaborative merger between The Eureka Project, AssentWorks, Ramp Up Manitoba and the Startup Winnipeg program. As individual entities, these agencies have helped over 60 innovation-based companies access over $180 million in financing. Now a uniform team, they occupy over 27,000 square feet of innovation space across multiple locations.

Relish was tasked with creating a brand identity that would allow the merging companies to speak with one, unified voice. The result is a brand centered around clean, industrial graphics, a minimal colour palette, and bold, confident language.

The brand footprint is large, encompassing multiple platforms from a responsive website, video and social media to print, signage, merchandise and a full battery of over 30 custom icons. From north to south, Relish ensures it all says on-point and on-brand.

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