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As far back as the mid 70s, Kathleen Gregory was changing the way she thought about student assessment, from only arriving at grades by averaging marks, to a more complete understanding of student learning. Years later, after writing the book “Rethinking Letter Grades” with co-author Caren Cameron, Kathleen began to think about creating an electronic Learning Map that would make it easier for teachers to use.

QUIO Learning Map is the realization of the electronic solution Kathleen first envisioned. The K-12 student-centred software application was developed to bring student evidence of learning, curriculum, assessment, evaluation and communication together in one place. The application also had to work seamlessly with iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones and PC and Mac, online and off.

Developers created a flexible framework for teachers to modify assessment criteria based on learning standards and descriptions of performance, and the needs of individual students. It also supports professional development needs of educators, connecting them across schools and districts.

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