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The New Northwest Passage App

In the summer of 2009, Canadian journalist, adventurer and filmmaker Cameron Dueck sailed the infamous Northwest Passage. Following the voyage, Great Plains Publications published his story, which was later developed into an award-winning documentary film. Now the expedition is being retold as an iOS app for iPad and iPad mini.

The app melds both print and digital content, producing an interactive experience that enhances the story narrative and allows the viewer to learn more about northern communities and climate change in a more meaningful way. The viewer can access detailed profiles on people, places and issues and even calculate their own carbon footprint with the tap of a screen.

The custom multi-touch interface allows the user to seamlessly experience the content, quickly browse through chapters and delve deeper into the voyage with videos, photos and interactive models. The app also displays current weather conditions as the reader navigates through the story and integrates with social media.


Download the App at


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