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Red River Mutual Brand Experience

Red River Mutual has a history dating back to the 1800s and today is one of Canada’s largest policyholder-owned casualty insurance companies. With longevity like that, updating this organization’s brand required a thoughtful approach. Re-branding involves more than a logo change and a shiny new tagline. It encompasses a company’s culture, approach and what shareholders and the community have come to expect from the organization.

In close collaboration with senior management, Relish embarked on a complete re-branding that saw “Red River Valley Mutual Insurance” re-born as Red River Mutual. Vital to any re-branding project, an early step involved an internal campaign that involved staff teams and brokers in shaping the organization’s future direction.

The process continued with development of a brand position statement that fit with today’s Red River Mutual, its shareholders and community. This guided the development of every item associated with the brand—including logo, tagline, stationary, website design and even building signage.

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